Many of us grew up with opportunities to participate in sports. From school, park district, and travel teams, there was an abundant of choices that came readily available to us. We were fortunate enough to have parents who saw the value of teamwork, fitness, and fun that sports provided and made sure that it was a big part of our childhood.
While we enjoyed these luxuries, there are many that are not as fortunate. We realized that there were hundreds of kids in our communities who had the desire and passion to play but could not afford it. Families who are trying to make ends meet were unable to pay for participation fees, uniforms, and in many cases could not even drive their kids to practices or games.
We wanted to change that.
So with the help and encouragement of some amazing people, we were able to launch BOXRAT in 2013.
Today we are humbled to say that we have been blessed to provided financial support to several organizations and help out hundreds of kids fulfill their dreams to play sports alongside other kids.
2 Corinthians 9:11